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Design thinking as a gateway to customer-centric design

  • Imagining new services to make a difference.
  • Redefining your services to maximize your clients’ benefits.
  • Rethinking your funnels to better highlight your assets.
  • Adapting your services to emerging touchpoints.
  • Modelizing your client’s experience and its associated services.
  • Modelizing and challenging your processes.
  • Developing synergies with your clients and contributors.

Leadership methods to build teams around a value proposition

Designing with a balance between clients’ needs and corporate capabilities.
  • Co-design method
  • Experience map and ideation
  • Value proposition and design guidelines
  • Concept of service and moodboards
  • Multichannel client journey definitions
  • Service blueprint design
  • Benchmark and best practices
  • Roadmap test and learn and KPIs
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Problem samples

“What function should smartphones have in our clients’ ecosystem?”

“How to create a post-buying experience that matches the quality of the global one and fosters a qualitative relationship with our clients?”

“How to rethink the ways we acquire new clients to generate more leads and overall engagement?”

“What role should that new screen play in our in-store funnel?”

See the case Orange

“What should be the mission of our e-commerce website in view of our existing on/off commercial tools?”

“How to unify the customer experience on the different touchpoints?”

“In our sector, online services all look alike. How could we emerge with a different experience?”

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